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A ReRunner will work with you to schedule a time and place for pickup that is convenient for you. All you have to do is leave your items in a bag at the designated location before your scheduled pickup time.

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Watch the money come rolling in! You’ll receive notifications when your items have been picked up and again when the return is complete, along with a picture of the return receipt. Doesn’t it feel good to accomplish things?!



We are consumers. We buy things everyday: online, in stores; for ourselves, for our family and friends; and we don’t always get it right on the first try. That doesn’t mean that those skinny jeans you bought for your husband need to sit in your trunk for two months while you gather the courage to brave the mall crowds. ReRunner doesn’t believe we should hold on to anything that isn’t necessary in life. We are here to make that a little easier for you by picking up your unwanted purchases and returning them in a timely fashion before your receipt expires. At ReRunner, we don’t believe in buyer’s remorse, only the freedom to change our minds.

I end up with a lot of online returns because I’m very particular. ReRunner has helped clear space in my home whenever the boxes start to pile up and my schedule gets too full to take care of it myself—it is worth every penny! The team is so professional and kind, I always feel like…

Kristen, Owner of Minima

I can’t speak for any other household but we buy a ton of online stuff and return weekly. Like I’ll buy 8 sneakers at a time and return 6-7, or 4 shirts and return 3. We are both too busy and I hate the mall where I can never find a parking spot, and don’t…


ReRunner is the life hack we’ve all been waiting for! I’ll never have to go to the mall again (other than for Cinnabon…of course)


This is exactly the service that I never knew I needed! I buy clothes and items for myself and my children, only to bring them home and find they are not as great as I thought. I will drive around for weeks with said items in my car, only to return them when it’s too…


I had a wonderful experience using ReRunner! ReRunner saved me time and all the frustration of having to deal with the traffic of Shortpump. It was very easy to use, all I had to do is go to the website and tell ReRunner what I had to return as well as good time to pick…


ReRunner is awesome! I dread going to Short Pump and the post office, and with ReRunner they picked up my jcrew.com stuff and returned it to the store so I got my money back way faster than if I sent it back in the mail.


I have used ReRunner a few times and couldn’t be happier. The process is simple and the return was fast. I love to shop but very much dislike returns so this service is perfect!