App How-to

Having some trouble navigating our app? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Below you can find step-by-step videos to walk you through all you need to know. Video going too fast? Click the arrow next to the heading to show written out steps!

Login Steps
  1. If you have a ReRunner account, enter your email address and password. Click Login.
  2. If you registered through Facebook or Google, click the correct button and follow the login instructions for those platforms.
Upload A Receipt
  1. Tap ‘My Receipts’
  2. Tap ‘Upload Receipt’
  3. Select the store that matches your receipt (If you do not see your receipt’s store, tap ‘Other Stores’)
  4. Take a photo or select a photo of your receipt from your photo library that clearly shows the items purchased
  5. Scan the barcode if you have the receipt with you. If you are uploading the receipt from your photo library, tap ‘Skip Barcode Entry’
  6. Review your items to check that they registered correctly. If they are incorrect or missing, you can manually correct or add the item’s information
  7. Enter the purchase date shown on the receipt in MM-DD-YYYY format
  8. Tap ‘Confirm Receipt Items’
View/Edit Profile
  1. Tap the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Tap ‘My Profile’
Schedule A Return
  1. Tap ‘Return’
  2. Select the address you would like your items picked up from
  3. Select the store your items go back to
  4. Select a date and time for us to pick up your items
  5. Select a previously uploaded receipt or upload a new receipt
  6. Select the items on your receipt you would like returned
  7. Tap ‘Next’
  8. Select your preferred payment method
  9. If you would like to return additional items, tap ‘Add another return’ and repeat steps 3-7
  10. If you are finished with your order, tap ‘Complete’
Apply Coupon Code
  1. Tap the three horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Tap ‘My Profile’
  3. Enter the coupon code in the designated field
  4. Tap ‘Submit Coupon’

*Note: Code will not be visible during checkout but will be applied after order is confirmed.*

Schedule A Donation
  1. Tap ‘Donate’
  2. Select the number of items by tapping the + and – buttons that correspond with the type of your items
  3. Tap ‘Next’
  4. Select the address you want the items to be picked up from
  5. If you wish to donate to a specific organization (Goodwill, Dress for Success, or Sacred Heart Center) you can add a note in your address pick up instructions
  6. Tap ‘Save and Next’
  7. Select the date and time you wish for your items to be picked up
  8. Review your order details
  9. Select your preferred payment method
  10. Tap ‘Complete’
Add/Edit Address
  1. Tap the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Tap ‘My Profile’
  3. To edit an address, tap the drop-down menu under Stored Addresses, select the address you would like to edit, make edits, tap ‘Save Location’
  4. To add an address, enter information, tap ‘Save Location’
Check Order Status
  1. Tap the shopping bag in the upper right-hand corner
  2. As your order processes, the status will update
  3. Tap on the return to view its details
  4. When the order is completed, view a picture of the return receipt in your order details