Backpack Approved Shorts

Backpack Approved Shorts

You found them.

The shorts of your dreams. They are the perfect wash, the perfect fit, and the perfect length. But, the minute you throw your backpack on to go to class, all of sudden more of your backside is showing than you originally wanted.

Sound familiar?

It does to us too.

Don’t worry! My friends and I have compiled a list of shorts that have proven themselves time and time again to not ride up. They fit the same from the minute you fell in love with them in the store to your 300th walk (or maybe run) to biology class. You can consider these shorts “non-returnable”… but if you do end up needing to send them back, we can do the return for you. 😉

Pair #1: LuluLemon Speed Up Short 2.5”

I could talk for hours about these shorts. I was a runner in high school so I basically lived in these shorts growing up (HINT: most comfortable shorts I’ve ever worked out in), but even my friends can tell you it has been one of the best purchases we have all made to date. If you want a pair of reliable shorts that you can wear to class, the gym, and just lounging around these are the ones for you!

Pair #2: Levi’s Wedgie Short

As counterintuitive the name may be, my friends and I were blown away by these shorts. Denim shorts are notorious for being the worst with a backpack on. But, what’s so good about these Levi’s is you still look like you’re wearing short shorts because of the high-waisted aspect, but they’re long enough that they cover everything you want to cover when you’re going to class. Although they are on the pricier side ($70), Levi’s aren’t going out of style anytime soon – so I would say they’re worth the investment.


Pair #3: Carmar Denim White Tatiana Cargo Side Pocket Short

I got these shorts towards the end of the summer when they went on sale (if you go on their website ASAP they may still be there in your size!!) and they have not disappointed. The cargo pockets extending down the side of the leg may be a new look, but trust me it’s a good one. It flatters every body type and every time I wear them I get a compliment on them. So, not only are these shorts backpack approved, but also they are unique and trend-setting.

DISCLAIMER: I think now since they are at such discounted price they are final sale, so make sure to look at the size chart well before ordering!

Pair #4: Levi’s 501 High Rise Short (in Drive Me Crazy)

And Levi’s does it again. A figure-flattering, dark wash denim that is slightly longer than the shortest shorts so you can wear them to class. Need I say more?


Pair #5: Levi’s 501 High Rise Short (in Guiding Light)

It looks as though Levi’s has another winner in this one. Although these shorts may have the same name as the one above, I decided to include this wash too because as you can see in the picture, they do have slightly different cuts- yet both still do the job of not baring your behind. So double yay!

🌟RERUNNER TIP: When ordering Levi’s, make sure to look at reviews. Sometimes you may need to size up!! Be careful when ordering so that you don’t have to do a return/exchange. But remember, if you do have to return, we’ve got you covered. 🌟

TIP: Love the look but not the price? This style has began to pop up in other stores and websites so keep your eyes out!

It was not easy to compile these. For all my trendy girls on campus out there, you know it’s a harder feat than we could have ever imagined to carry all our books around while wearing shorts that aren’t down to our knees (though if you can rock those, more props to you!).

I’ll see you next week on #TipTuesday

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