Best and Worst Return Policies

Best and Worst Return Policies

The good news is, there are more stores with the best return policies than there are with the worst return policies. Double good news is that even if you need to return to a store with a not so good return policy, ReRunner has got you covered. So here is a list of 10 stores with the absolute best return policies and 3 stores with not so friendly policies. Also, if you’re looking for return policies of other popular stores, check out our retailers’ page HERE and click on the logo of any store to be taken to their return policy!


1. Nordstrom

With no time limit, Nordstrom is definitely scoring a spot on the Best Return Policy List. Often times you don’t even need a receipt because when they scan the item’s barcode it’s already linked to your purchase!

2. Bed Bath & Beyond

Another great store without a time limit on returns! If you have your receipt, your refund will go back to your original form of payment. If you don’t have a receipt, the store can track down your purchase made in the past year and if that fails, they’ll gladly give you a store credit or exchange your item.

3. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works has a wish for their customers to be 100% satisfies and certainly achieve that without putting any time limits on their returns!

4. L.L. Bean

Although there’s a time limit, it’s still a whole year long!

5. Zappos

Another yearlong return policy plus free shipping on returns via a UPS shipping label you can print from your Zappos account!

6. Bloomingdale’s

So long as your item is in saleable condition, you can return anything within an entire year. They also have free returns on online orders!

7. Macy’s

Though not quite as nice as the others before, Macy’s will still accept returns within 180 (6 months) days of purchase

8. Michael’s

Similar to Macy’s, Michaels will accept returns within 6 months of the purchase date.

9. REI

As long as you have your receipt, REI will refund or replace your item for a whole year after your purchase!

10. IKEA

Another great return policy where you can take anything back within a year as long as your items aren’t dirty or damaged!


1. Apple

With only 14 days to return your products, Apple doesn’t make for the friendliest return policy.

2. Best Buy

This is another short return policy window with only 15 days and requires a receipt, the purchase card, and a photo ID

3. Barnes & Noble

The last not so friendly return policy is 14 days at Barnes & Noble and you have to pay for shipping for online returns.

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