Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Shopping Tips

There’s a fine line between excitement and dread when I think about Black Friday. Yes, you can get insane deals but no matter what store you hit, it is also a mass of humanity. Lines to check out are long, items you want go quickly, and you wake up at an absurd hour of the morning after Thanksgiving where you stayed up late catching up with family and friends.

Therefore, in order to push Black Friday firmly back into the “excitement” column I have compiled a list of ways you can prepare for Black Friday to make it the most painless and successful trip possible!

  1. Know All Your Favorite Stores’ Deals Ahead of Time

Before leaving for Black Friday shopping – do your homework! By this I mean, go look at the deals your favorite stores are having and make yourself a list of things you want to purchase. Also, if you are shopping for family or friends, do the same thing for them by checking out all their favorite stores’ deals as well! This way, when you go into the mall or the stores, you know exactly what you are looking for and can get in and out.

  1. Know the Hours of the Stores You Want to Hit

Say you want to go to both the mall and individual stores outside of the mall. Look at the hours they open on Friday and then make yourself a schedule of where you are going to go first, second, third…etc, so then you keep yourself in line and don’t waste a second of your time!

  1. Set a Black Friday Budget for Yourself

When you see all these low prices, it is incredibly easy to get caught up in “the deals” (guilty as charged). Instead, set a certain budget for yourself beforehand ~ it will help stop you from overspending and keep you from feeling post Black-Friday shopping regret.

  1. Get a Good Night Sleep!

The last tip I have, less Black-Friday-deals related, but will definitely make you have the best Black Friday ever, is to be sure you get to bed early. The sooner you get to the stores in the morning, the better the chance you have in snagging the deals you want. So, by getting to bed early, not only will you be able to wake up more easily when your alarm rings to get those great doorbuster deals, but you will also be able to keep your sense of humor and get into the holiday spirit if you feel as though you aren’t about to pass out from exhaustion. It will make the waiting in those long lines a little less painful and you will have a better outlook on the day in general.

And really – What’s better than getting the best deals while still be a happy and functioning human being?

The ReRunner Team wishes you both a Happy Thanksgiving and a Black Friday full of good deals, let’s kick off this holiday season in the best way possible!


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