ReRunner + Goodwill, A Win-Win

ReRunner + Goodwill, A Win-Win

When my husband and I downsized three years ago we donated a lot of items to Goodwill. Books, frames, artwork, glassware, clothes – we thinned it all out, bagged the donations and dropped them off at a sorting center. I knew Goodwill was an organization that did good work, but thought it began and ended with the stores and the people who worked in them. Still, I was happy to support it and take my tax write-off.

I was blown away when earlier this week I got the real story during a meeting between ReRunner and the leaders of Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia. We met at their newly renovated Richmond Support Center and flagship Community Employment Center on Midlothian Turnpike.

This impressive facility has a whole lot going on. Before we made our way to the conference room, we passed classrooms where lives were being changed. A group of recent immigrants were taking advantage of Goodwill’s services and trainings. They were learning skills – including English — that will qualify them for work with Goodwill’s employer partners. Under this same program, Goodwill also ensures job seekers have some of the other tools necessary to get hired – a well-constructed resume, interviewing practice, soft skills, and computer basics. The October classroom calendar also included hiring events, mentoring, and financial literacy classes. I don’t know about you, but I had no idea that all that stuff we donated from our move went toward all this. Last year, Goodwill served more than 6,500 people who face challenges to work.

So far, ReRunner has donated over 55,000 pounds of clothing and household goods to various Goodwills locations around the metro Richmond area, which speaks to the generosity of our customers. But what’s even better is that these 55,000 pounds don’t just translate to less clutter in your house and more clothes on the racks of Goodwill stores. It translates to dollars that fund a lot of amazing programs that help people in our community who need it the most.

The next time you decide to clean out your closet, call ReRunner to come pick up your castoffs so together we can be a part of making our community a better place.

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