The Hunt for the Perfect Halloween Costume

The Hunt for the Perfect Halloween Costume

Fall has officially 🍂 fallen 🍂 upon us and we could not be more happy about it. The air is crisp, leaves are beginning to change colors, and we are finally able to break out our sweaters.

And what comes hand and hand with autumn is a holiday that we all know and love: Halloween. Who doesn’t love a day filled with eating candy, getting a little bit scared (boo!), and dressing up! It’s a perfect combination. However coming up with, and finding, the perfect Halloween costume takes time. It’s hard to keep ourselves from falling back on the same easy costumes from the year before!

Although in this blog I will not be giving you costume ideas (I know, I’m sorry, I’m still searching myself!) I am going to be giving you TIPS on some things to remember when buying a Halloween costume so you don’t spend unnecessary amounts of money!

Renting a Costume?

Do you want to wear elaborate Halloween costume this year, but don’t want to break the bank? Renting may be the route for you! It gives you the ability to wear normally expensive costumes, for cheaper. And, if you know you are only going to wear it once, why would you want an expensive costume just lying around your house collecting dust?

(Answer: you wouldn’t)

RERUNNER TIP #1: Make sure you know that both the website or store you are renting from is RELIABLE and will only give you costumes that are still in GOOD SHAPE! Read the online reviews or if you are renting from a store in person, ask them if you can check out the condition of the costume before taking it home!
RERUNNER TIP #2: Also make sure you know the rental agreement. Knowing how long you can keep an item for can save you from unexpected bills being sent your way because you didn’t send back your costume on time!

Buying from a seasonal store?

Are you looking at shopping at a Halloween Pop-Up store? If yes, make sure to ask them when they take returns until. I have know people that waited to do their returns after Halloween was over, and the store was already closed!

RERUNNER TIP #3: To avoid this issue- Ask how long they plan to stay open and do any returns (of the items the items that are NOT final sale) before they move elsewhere so that you are able to get your money back, which is normally BEFORE halloween.

Shopping online?

If you’re planning on shopping online for your Halloween costume this year, like I normally tend to do, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Always be clear on the return policy. Do you need to keep the email of your receipt? Do you need to return your item before a certain date if it doesn’t fit?
  • Know if you are able to return at all! If your item is final sale, but you didn’t read that, you could end up with an item you don’t want and money down the drain!

And as always… if you ever need more help with returns, ReRunner is there to help you get all of your items back before the deadline!

Happy Shopping and Happy Almost Halloween!!! Margaux

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