Holiday Home Decor Trends

Holiday Home Decor Trends

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is officially socially acceptable to start blasting Christmas music, hang up lights, and, of course, decorate your home for the holidays so you can bring holiday cheer inside with you.

So, if you’re ready to make your house festive, but are in need of some inspiration – look no further!

Here are my favorite holiday decor trends this year:

Bowls Filled With Ornaments

This is as easy as it sounds and it actually looks really beautiful! All you have to do is pick out a bowl or tray and then put in ornaments in it that follows whatever set theme you want!

For example, maybe you’re planning on putting this bowl in the center of your kitchen table. In this case, try a color scheme that matches the colors of the room itself (such as vintage brown, gold, and white ornaments).

Another option is if you’re trying to go all out for the holiday you are celebrating, choose the color ornaments that match the holiday (such as green and red for Christmas).

Indoor Wreaths

And no, I’m not talking about real wreaths, even though those would also be really beautiful to add if you are willing to buy them. But, this year there are super pretty artificial wreaths that you can buy in almost every home decor store that you can easily hang in any room. For example, you could put them on mirrors, stair rails, doors, cabinets, or even just hang them directly on the walls!

Hanging or Laying Garlands

The last trend I’m loving this year is hanging or laying garlands. These works especially well on walls where you have a lot of open space, on staircases, or on your fireplace mantel. Add ornaments or lights to them too if you’re trying to add your own extra flare!


This holiday season, don’t let your holiday cheer end simply with a tree or lights outside! Spruce up your whole house and feel the joy of the season in every room.

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