A Male Perspective on Shopping and Returns

A Male Perspective on Shopping and Returns

The common adage that women love to shop is probably true. It’s fun, can be therapeutic, and it helps everyone stay in style. What many don’t realize is that men love shopping too, even if we don’t get around to doing it as often.

As a male student at the University of Richmond, I am very busy and rarely find time to shop for new apparel. When I do get the time, I shop online at retailers such as Land’s End and Nike. When I buy clothing, I have to pray it ends up fitting me. When it doesn’t. this is what happens.

Stacks of boxes, just sitting.

  Wasting money. Every. Single. Time.

This is why ReRunner originally stood out to me as such an amazing company! They enable me to make easy clothing returns with little to no time lost in my day.

All I have to do is:

  1. Text ReRunner
  2. Print the return label (or email it to them to print for me)
  3. Re-tape the box
  4. Leave it outside of my dorm for pickup. It’s THAT easy!

A working man’s experience

I was curious to see if other males experienced the same issues with shopping that I do, so I interviewed Mr. Darrell Booker. Darrell is in his late thirties and frequently has 60 hour workweeks.  His work from wherever lifestyle requires a lot of time traveling for his corporate job. I was able to catch up with him to ask him a few questions about his shopping style.

Darrell told me that he shops mostly at Nordstrom, H&M, Express, Banana Republic, and Macy’s (my favorite of the five he listed!). He mixes between shopping in-store and online. He goes about once a month in person to make bulk purchases and then will buy the individual complimenting pieces online.

With the act of shopping in store being one of his least favorite things to do, he tends to be hasty and will pick up things he likes without trying them on first. This causes him to have to return things (especially shirts) way more than he would like because they tend to not fit.

The most relatable piece of  information Darrell shared with me was that he, like me, barely has enough time to do the initial shopping and he struggles to return the products he doesn’t want or that don’t fit. With a full schedule and a lot of travel, I can see how this would pose a problem. Receipts expire, we change our mind…I mean, there are so many things to factor in once the purchase has already been made.

Many of us can feel the same pain as Darrell when it comes to having to find time to shop and then have to find time to return. It is an inevitable hassle that we’d much rather avoid.

And that is what ReRunner is for! Darrell has not yet used the service, but after after our conversation he’s totally sold on it and his next return will be a ReRunner Return, for sure!

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