Where, Oh Where, Has My “Me Time” Gone?

Where, Oh Where, Has My “Me Time” Gone?

Since today is election day, it seemed fitting to discuss time management in a sense, because oftentimes people’s excuse for not going to the poll on election day is that time got away from them or that they were too busy. However, the majority of people do want to get in to vote it just seems as though they cannot ‘waste any time’.

So, specifically in terms of time management, I want to talk about how we can find time for ourselves and how we can keep up with our fast paced lives while having the opportunity to do things for ourselves, such as vote. It seems as though we are all constantly on the go:

STUDENTS: You’re going to class, meeting with career services, attending club meetings, and after you’re done all that you’re racing to the library to start your homework so that you can get to bed before midnight.


WORKING ADULTS: At any given moment you’re either working, meeting with people in your office, writing emails, taking care of your children, driving your kids around, making meals…etc. The list goes on. And then, whenever you do have second to yourself, you are immediately try to spend time with the people you love that you have felt too busy to see.

So where in this are we able to spend time with ourselves and focus on our own wellbeing?

Let me say this here and now: Spending time with yourself and self reflecting is NOT. SELFISH.

In fact, it will actually make you overall happier, more pleasant to be around, and more productive! All good things start from being content on the inside.

Therefore: in this blog I am going to tell you some of the tips that I have learned that have helped me to find the time to spend good, quality time with myself. I learned these over the years through trial and error and by talking endlessly to my mom when I’ve gotten very stressed out (SHOUT OUT to my mom-Thank you!!!!).

Write your “Me Time” into your schedule

When I first started doing this, I noticed such a difference in my stress level. As you are making your schedule for your day or upcoming week, actually write in the time where you are free to do something for your happiness and well-being for every day of the week. When you actually write it into your schedule, it eases your mind because you can literally see that you have the time to spend on yourself and that with it, you are still getting what you need to get done, done. As a result, during this time, you can then be guilt-free while doing whatever you feel would rejuvenate your spirit on that certain day, whether it be talking to your friends, reading a good book, napping, or going on a run.

Keep a journal

Emptying all of your thoughts onto paper not only can really declutter your mind, but can also provide you with a lot of clarity. Journal writing has a huge amount of benefits to the person writing that are so easily looked over in this day and age. To name a few: it can help you to release pent up thoughts and emotions, allow you to more deeply understand and learn from your experiences (whether they be positive or negative), and also improve both your happiness and gratitude for life. Again, like scheduling in time for yourself, this only is beneficial to you in all aspects of your life.

I have found that the best times to write in your journal is either before bed or right after you wake up, depending on the kind of person that you are. If you find yourself lying in bed with your brain filled with a million thoughts, it may be a good release for you to write in your journal before bed and unscatter your brain. On the flip side, if you are having difficulty being productive in the morning, writing in your journal after you wake up can help set your day up for success and stimulate your brain. Either way, the reflection journaling can be the therapeutic push you need to keep your mind at peace.

Know That We Are Human – Not Superman, We Can Say No!

This is sometimes the hardest thing for us to realize, especially those of us who are people pleasers and don’t like anyone down, but we really need to drill it in our minds that it is okay to say no. If something is going to take away your last remaining free time, you’re allowed to say no. No one expects us to be able to do everything and everything perfectly, so just communicate with them about your present situation. Sometimes, all we can do, is all we can do and we need to learn and respect this about ourselves.

*Make it your goal this week to try one of these techniques to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. You will be surprised to see that you spending more me-time actually stirs up productivity and improvements in every other aspect of your life.*

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