Protection from Porch Pirates

Protection from Porch Pirates

With back to school shopping right around the corner and online shopping happening every day, porch pirates are on the move. Now some of you may not know what porch pirates are. These pesky little buggers are people who come up to your door or mailbox and steal mail and/or packages right from your home. However, while they may seem scary, don’t you worry. Here are the top 5 security surveillance systems you can easily install to drive those thieves away for good!



1. YI Dome Security Camera

At only $50 this little camera is a steal. It has a full 365-degree rotation, motion detection, and night vision. It also has a corresponding app that you can set to alert you of any sort of unwanted detections.


2. YI Home Camera

This fancy camera is only $30 and has many great perks. With live video, two-way audio, and activity alerts your home is definitely in good hands. The only downside is that it’s an indoor-only camera meaning you would have to put it in a window to catch your pirate on camera.


3. ZOSI Home Security Camera

This easy to use $19 camera has a quick and easy installation and set up process. Equipped with 4 different video output options there’s no chance you’ll miss any of the action. It’s also waterproof making it a great indoor or outdoor system.


4. Ring Video Doorbell

This camera at $99 works as a security camera and doorbell all in one. Conveniently, it connects to Alexa or your phone to alert you of any doorbell rings or motion and will let you hear or speak to anyone nearby.


5. Ring Flood Light Camera

While at a steeper price of $249, this camera will no doubt scare away any unwanted activity outside your doorstep. With motion activity alerts and two-way talk, the really cool part about this camera that sets it apart from all the others is its remote activated siren. So, if the bright lights aren’t enough to stop your thief, the siren most definitely will!

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