How much does ReRunner charge?

We charge a flat $10 service fee for your return or Goodwill donation request. For returns, there is an additional $2 per additional store within that same request. For example, if you have three items from Target, we would charge you $10 for that return. If you have one item from Target and two from Nordstrom, we would charge you $12. For donations, we charge $10 for the first two trash bags of stuff, and $2 for each additional trash bag. With donations, itemization is your responsibility, but we will send you an image for the donation receipt that you can use for your tax returns.

Where does ReRunner serve?

RVA is our home, but we will pick up and return anywhere within a 35 mile radius of downtown Richmond, though additional fees for pickups outside of 15 miles may apply. Our service area does include all major surrounding counties, including: Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Powhatan, King William, and parts of Goochland.

Which retailers do you offer returns to?

We currently provide return service to over 30 retailers, as well as provide shipping options to UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Please check our Participating Retailers page, as we add new locations frequently. If you don’t see a retailer you would like to return an item to, shoot us an email at returns@myrerunner.com.

Do I need to do anything special before I leave my items for ReRunner?

First and foremost, for returns, we need you to have a receipt. It can be paper, email, photo, or shipping labels. We take return fraud seriously at ReRunner. As a part of utilizing ReRunner’s service, you verify that these items were not damaged, worn, or used. Our ReRunner’s check each item at the pickup location, and will not accept the items if they do not meet this criteria, though you may still be charged for the trip. Otherwise, you can just leave your items at the designated location in a shopping bag for in-store returns, and an appropriate box with return label for shipping returns. For donations, please put all items in closed standard-sized trash bags. We do recommend that you place items somewhere you feel is safe and dry.

How does ReRunner get the money back on my card?

Just like you would if you were returning it yourself! We only return to retailers that refund directly back to the original credit card used for the purchase. The retailer will scan the barcode on the receipt you provide and their computer system knows to put the refund on the credit card you used.

Do you have to take my credit card to return?

No, no! We don’t want to touch your credit card! That’s personal! Computer systems and cash registers now make it easy to refund to a credit card without our ReRunners ever needing to see any of your credit card information. Keeps you secure, and keeps us happy!

Do I need a receipt?

Yes, it’s the only way we can verify that you are the original purchaser, and the only way we can get the refund back on your credit card. The receipt must be valid (not expired) and the merchandise you want us to return must fall into the store’s return policy window. Not sure about the return policy for a particular store? Check out our participating retailers page.

How do I know my merchandise is safe?

ReRunner screens and verifies all of our ReRunners before hiring them to pick up your merchandise. We require everyone to have a valid driver’s license, clean driving record, and automobile insurance. All of our ReRunners go through a rigorous training process before they hit the road. Additionally, ReRunner maintains our own insurance policy to cover any incident where your items may be lost or stolen, up to $2,500 per pickup.